we believe that hard work is essential for success, we strive to deliver the best for our clients and we try our best, we aim to be one of the leading companies in this field and we believe it's possible by providing quality in work.

Al Mobdaa is the best in the field of kitchen design, we provide creative designs with variety in shape and size, our materials are the best.


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Al Mobdaa  Co .founded  on 15/3/2012 under the name of the Al Mobdaa and is a limited liability company with registered trade number (8507) and its register number at the Chamber of Commerce is (1050). Al Mobdaa Main office is in Tripoli / Libya and The purpose of this company is the manufacture of kitchens decors with various  shapes and sizes and import furniture, wood and woodworking accessories and equipment of all kinds.


This company has opened several galleries, in different cities in Libya, including 12  galleries in the city of Tripoli, 3 galleries in Misurata, 2  In Msellata city and 2 in Tarhuna city.


Al Mobdaa company has manifactured a lot of kitchens for different clients including both the private sector and the government, the company was established in 1979 and we have excellent experience in this field, the previous name of the campany was ( Al Deeb Company ) but it changed after the company scaled to include more business.

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